Monday, 22 October 2012

Strictly cartoons - the complete collection (updated daily)

Hi everyone
thanks for looking
you can order book one from me at
payment is via paypal
and all i ask is fo a donation over £5
(to cover postage and printing)
all money raised will go to a volunteer service that i run that enables people who are both Deaf and blind to access the world of entertainment and polular culture
Lisa riley is a supporter of my work
book 2 will be on its way soon
also watch this space for new of when the originals go on ebay

Ive been a naughty boy.......

Who ya gonna call?
obviousley not for sid and ola else they would still be in!
Hand up if you hate ryvita
you forgot your mask anton
Testosterone overdose
This one is not for sale - we love it to much to part with it
but it will be included in book 2
Anyone for tennis
naughty boy!
victoria pendle-bum
love lifts us wrapped in a sarong
3 cheers for that dress!
Nobody puts Flavia in the corner
no problem!

Team Smurf
Denise von whiplash
sponsord by rimmel
The Catch

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